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JITE hand in hand with Jixia community federation

Source:JITE     Author:admin     Time: 2017-06-28



Summer in the footsteps of god is light and lively, everything also along with the vigorous growth. Listen, the birds chirp, softly pleasing to the ear ringing of mixed with the fragrance of the earth in, ripples in the air. Flowers are also launched one of the most hotly contested annual beauty pageant. In order to enrich the factory employees amateur life, June 21, 2017 JITE Industrial (Shenzhen) co., LTD with Jixia community federation in JITE industrial park staff entertainment function room organized a flower arrangement fraternity.

Flower arrangement is an ancient art, nearly two thousand years of history in our country. Flower arrangement is an art that originated in the people love of flowers, people with his own industrious hands a processing of flowers, to express their ideas, reflects a life of true and brilliant.

Activity room corridors covered with JITE company for the staff of champagne roses, carnations, small huang, balloon flower and so on a lot of gorgeous flowers, to the sight distance can smell the flowers, refreshing. Colleagues excited with and quickly to distribute a variety of tools and accessories, everyone happy holding a hug flower arranging barrels.

JITE company also invited the community of the federation of professional flower arrangement teacher conduct on-site flower arranging training for colleagues, let colleagues details about a variety of flower arranging skills and do have to teach us how to cut flowers, how collocation and nursing after the completion of arranging flowers. Flower arrangement may seem easy actually not simple, in addition to the ingenuity of flower arrangement, will also have a knowledge of art and literature and culture, also must master the basic theory of knowledge, such ability to foil atmosphere, passing feelings, make the person for the purpose of beauty and pleasure, to get inspired, encouraged or daydream. It basically is the first time contact flower arrangement, under the teacher's guidance, everyone holding their satisfactory ikebana, excited...

Through more than two hours of flower arranging training fellowship activities, not only can let us understand the flower arrangement anytime, anywhere to adorn their bedroom environment, add a warmth and appeal for family life, the most main is girls learn flower arrangement not only can increase the artistic appeal, also is a kind of ascension to the aesthetic ability, temperament!