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Wear wall type terminals characteristic analysis a

Source:JITE     Author:admin     Time: 2012-03-06

What is wear wall terminal? JITE electronic is a professional manufacturer of terminals, in the long-term of the product development and market practice has accumulated a wealth of experience. Here is to wear wall type terminals brief analysis:

Wear wall type can be installed in the terminal for 1 mm side by side to 10 mm thickness of the top etc, it can automatic compensation and adjust the thickness of the panel distance, any extreme number of the terminals of the arrangement, and can use segregation board to increase air clearance and creepage distance. Don't need any tool will wear wall type terminals firm installed on the front panel rectangular pre-setting hole, installation is very convenient. Wear wall type terminals will different connecting technology applied to wear the ranks of the terminal wall: screw connection type, straight insert spring connection type and bolt connection type wear wall terminals, for inside the equipment provides more choice conductor lead. Also, new wear wall also created the new terminal series wear face plate installation standard, the user can choose strengthening modes: screws, rivets fixed and law column fixed.

Wear wall type of terminal product features:

1, all of them can provide pins connected products.

2 for the card, shell buckle connections, no crack.

3, installation mode diversification, can choose to install method bar, every one could through the screw internal and external components, which can realize rotate 180 degrees of the installation, make it more firmly.

4, insulation case durable, flame retardant grade high, the fingers.

5, but through the small spacers are increasing creepage distance, increase the voltage level.

6, reliable connect convenient, wiring high safety, strong causticity resistance

7 and may, according to needs, optimization choose inserted direction, screwdriver operation direction and wiring direction.

Based on the above wear wall type the advantages and characteristics of terminal blocks, so wear wall type terminals are widely used in some need to wear wall solutions occasions: power supply, chopper, electrical control cabinet careless and other electronic equipment.

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