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PCB will generally use which kinds of terminals?

Source:JITE     Author:admin     Time: 2012-03-05
You said types are according to the material to points or the style to points? If press material cent, you should is copper wiring terminal is more, according to the style to points of words, should be inserted type terminals and spring type terminals more. Spring type wiring terminal is the use of the new spring device of terminal blocks, already widely used in electrical and electronic engineering industry: lighting, elevator lift control, instruments and meters, power, chemical and auto power, etc. Spring type series connection terminals are metal spring mechanism design, plastic ontology is using PA66 insulating materials. Spring type series connection terminals easy operation, maintenance and have free air device access system, that is, durable, reliable and cost effective. Inserted type series connection terminals PTB consists of two parts connected to swap, part of the line pressure, then inserted into another part, this part in welding to the PCB. Pick up the bottom principles of mechanical, the vibration prevention design ensure that the products are long-term leak-tight joints and finished products use reliability. Socket ends can add assembly ears, assembly ear in the very great degree of protection can pick up and can prevent meet arrange pieces position not beautiful, at the same time, this socket design can ensure outlet can be correctly inserted into the matrix. Socket can also have assemble buckle a lock and a button. Assembly buckle a can play more firmly fixed to the PCB board, lock button can be a after the installation is completed the matrix and the wall outlet. All kinds of electrical outlet design can match different maternal insert method, for example: horizontal, vertical, or tilt to the printed circuit board, etc, and may, according to the demand of the customers choose different ways. Can choose metric wire gage also can choose standard wire gage. You can refer to the global main terminals suppliers: JITE electronic-terminals experts