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JITE r&d center has established a comparatively perfect domestic r&d platform system. Including the use of basic research center, product development center, public research and development support platform (test center, test center, data information center, technical training and academic exchanges center), etc. JITE has always attached great importance to r&d investment, each year into research and development funding accounted for more than 5% of sales. And established based on enterprise INTRANET (INTRANET) of the paperless system based on development, has more than 100 sets of microcomputer network, CAD workstation more than 50 sets. Research and development center through the information sharing and comprehensive utilization of resources, for research and development personnel provides a with the international advanced level in the development experimental environment for JITE technology innovation to lay a solid foundation, make JITE electronic technology level is always in the forefront of the domestic industry.