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People power source information

  People power source information

JITE recruitment standards

Talent is JITE the most precious resource and it is with the person this is the foundation of business JITE.

In order to create the future together with the enterprise society, will be personal growth and the growing of the enterprise, and the combination of us to take the recruitment program is in JITE training of talents for the premise for a long time. We not only in recruitment consider your professional skills, pay more attention to your own potential, for working enthusiasm and future development and the growth of the JITE is consistent.

In an interview, be sure you please describe some of you in the future more professional planning and hope in the work content. So we can through the mutual communication, to know and judge JITE whether you hope work and its environment, JITE for you if can provide the career of the growth of the platform.

 JITE advocate "with the human-oriented, employees to harm, for the company and the employee with a career for source" work idea, the formation of learning, professional, professional type work team. Through the various forms of training, improve the comprehensive quality team, creating the core team, to each employee and ordered environment, safety and comfortable life space, tolerance, friendly relationship, and constantly growth, informative material and spiritual life, constantly transcend myself in the development of creating outstanding performance and results.

Enterprise development is the power of reform, and its essence is the innovation, the key in talents, its core is to give full play to the creative talent, enthusiasm and initiative. JITE to establish a fair, competition and incentive, according to mechanism of employing, create a beneficial to people to come to the fore in the environment, and for each employee to construct the stage show their talent, create the cradle of success.

The days of high niaofei, sea rich as diving; How much have mind, achieving great career. JITE thirst for outstanding talents to join in!

  Apply for resume to: the human resources department  E-mail:  xz@jite.com.cn   inbox@jite.com.cn
JITE electronic industrial (shenzhen) Co., LTD, recruitment information:[I want to submit a resume]
Job title Working place Recruitment number Release date Effective date
Design engineer
    Kunshan, accept training and work temporarily shenzhen a time (half a year) occasionally on business.
    Good team cooperation and coordination skills;
    Can bear high pressure;
    Good at study, has the very strong learning ability;
    Above 3 years related experience in product research and development (connector design experience good);
    Have the independent operation product research and development experience;
    Familiar with injection molded parts stamping and structure design and process;
    Familiar with related product standard and its application;
    Master 3 D and related computer software;
    Logic analysis ability;
    Job duties:
    1. According to the customer or the needs of other departments within the company, and develop the corresponding products;
    2. According to the customer or the company can within the product the actual use of the situation, put forward a constructive design optimization scheme;
    3. Research and development in the process to ensure that the performance of the product under the premise of pay attention to product can be productive;
    4. Small and medium-sized r&d project independently;
    5. According to the customer or other departments requirements for design modification and design improvement;
    6. Summarize the product research and development experience, continuously improve product performance;
    7. Assistant design engineers to design engineers and of design, technology and counselling;
    8. Assist the quality department claims related technical problems;
    9. Assist senior engineers to customers on the site to solve problems;
    10. Director of the delivery of the other work.

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